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Welcome aboard!


If you enjoy the IL2 Sturmovik and the Cliffis of Dover, you are going to love this site.

AVSIMS is now open

You may upload your Campaigns, Missions, & Skins for Cliffs of Dover and IL2 Sturmovik

You may create categorized blog documents to share your ideas about related information.

You have your own personal blog and within a few days a more specific search and sort will be available

You may embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo.  Vimeo is a best choice for HD, because we can eliminate ads.

You may write articles and post here.

After over a year of planning and rebuilding the site.

In order to use the site features you must register; a free and painless process.

As a registered member you will have access to one of the best featured download sites on the internet.

AVSIMS will host your download files free, and allow you to enter several mirror sites,i.e, mediafire, filefront.,etc.

Search possibilites for download files on AVSIMS are the most comprehensive we know of at this time.

There are many new features being discussed, and some are being planned now.

So register today, and check out what we have done so far.

We are working on newer and better ways to do things.

Click on the Videos in the header bar to view videos.

We are working on Media Presentation now.

The videos presented are in HD format direct from Vimeo where the author published as HD, probably 1920x1080.

The formatted media player is set at 1920x1080 resized respectively for the player screen size.

We are very interested to know how these videos play out on various computers.

It plays out very well for us, but we are on gamer computer system.

You can comment at the Video page, which we sure would appreciate.

We are trying to get things very right at this time.

We will create a search and sort tool soon on videos as soon as we are more confident with our presentation and user entry tools.




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Thanks for the welcome nearmiss.

I am looking forward to what you have planned for the site.



Cheers :)

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Good to be here and good luck with this site.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

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Regards from Devon!

The one-armed bandit flies again

Nice effort. :)

As a suggestion: would it be possible to use forums instead of blogs or to make it searchable and categorized? I saw Nearmiss excellent rescources published on the blog but I doubt that many will be able to check each others blog entries to find the good stuff they are looking for.

Also it'd be nice to disbale the captcha for registered or well known users as it is a bit of a pain to fill out each time you provide content or post a reply.


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Do you think we need another forums? Forums are all over the web for all genre imaginable.

We are thinking of things to serve our Il2 COD community of users more effectively.

If we did a forums it would be designed for the promotion of blogs, articles and other site features. 

Any suggestions or examples of features you would like to see on the site are welcome.

Did you notice... you have your very own blog.  Yes, we will have a very good search and sort for promotion of articles and blogs of members.

We have so many very talented people that are IL2 and COD enthusiasts.  Competent articles and information is continually flowing through the forums and lost in the dust of file archives.  We want to capture and provide access to that information on a continuous basis.

We are working on the captha.  Currently, it should let you pass without the captha once you have passed captha for that section of the site.




Site looks good! Nice to see someting for COD.



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Hello there,

thank You for your ideas!


"the fun is allways in the sun!"

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Thank you for your ideas (again;-)!


"the fun is allways in the sun!"

 Thanks for the invatation to join and the swift and pleasent welcome.Nice start to what I hope will be a succesful web site.

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